Uncle Jerrys, Pretzels Extra Dark


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Dark and toasty for those who like a longer baked pretzels. These tasty pretzels are still, to this day, handmade in the heart of Lancaster County. Absolutely FAT FREE, made without oil, shortening, sweeteners or preservatives of any kind. These have a completely different taste then pretzels extruded from a machine. Handmade pretzels have a lighter texture and crispier crunch to them, because the dough is hand rolled and kneaded as opposed to being extruded under high heat and intense pressure from gigantic machines. Using a sourdough starter, Uncle Jerry’s pretzels are fat, crunchy and so deliciously good. However, some of the same qualities that make these pretzels so wonderful also make them more fragile. Some pretzels will break during shipping, but the deliciousness inside will still be there. So eat up and enjoy! Try them with our Cherchie’s champagne mustard for a sweet and tangy taste.