Whole Milk Chocolate 50% a la Flor de Sal


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For the “Whole Milk Chocolate 50% a la Flor de Sal”, SAL de IBIZA uses luxury organic whole milk couverture chocolate from top quality Trinitario premium cocoa varieties and the original as well as finely aromatic organic Chuncho premium cocoa from the Cusco region in the Peruvian rainforest. The premium cocoa beans originate from selected cooperatives. The top quality organic whole milk powder lends the chocolate its comforting and balanced whole milk flavour and is also responsible for the warm brown colour.

The carefully composed combination of South American Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans harmonizes particularly well with the delicate Fleur de Sel from SAL de IBIZA. The hand-picked salt flower lends this subtly caramel-flavoured whole milk chocolate a delicately piquant note.

This exquisite chocolate is exclusively hand-crafted for SAL de IBIZA by the expert chocolatiers of Wohlfarth Schokolade in Berlin using traditional methods.